Angelica Cirion

Angelica Cirion
Character Profile
Affiliation House Cirion
Rank Colonel
Profession MechWarrior

Angelica Cirion was a commander in the Black Warriors in 2853.[1]


Cirion had risen to the rank of colonel by 2853. That year, Cirion led her unit of the Black Warriors, of unknown strength but less than a regiment, on a series of raids into the Lyran Commonwealth, along with part of the Seventy-first Light Horse Regiment of the Eridani Light Horse, led by Colonel Pro-Tem Idris Majed.[2]

On 4 April, the joint force crushed the Lyran defenders on Pencader. Majed ignored the true nature of the Warriors, who were pirates, and while the ELH force finished off the defenders, Cirion led her warriors into the city of Riga Point to loot it. With their mission accomplished, both units departed.[3]

On 7 April, while they were leaving Pencader, Cirion informed her counterpart, Majed, of "new orders" – to launch another raid on Biloela before returning to Circinus. Majed was suspicious of the orders, but Cirion forced him to obey, pointing out that Majed was only a Colonel Pro-Tem and had to obey Cirion. Cirion told Idris about SAFE's suspicions of a Lyran task force gathering on Biloela preparing for an attack against the Free Worlds League.[4]

Ten days later, the joint force attacked Biloela, taking it easily. Cirion told Majed about a Lyran force entrenched deep in the city, but Cirion was lying; her Warriors were looting the city's banks and even fired a warning shot at an ELH recon helicopter that had seen them. After meeting with Majed, Cirion attempted to deceive Majed once more, but Majed didn't fall for her lies, and Cirion confessed the truth, before announcing their next raid. Cirion believed she had forced Idris into submission. Cirion was wrong.[5]

On 5 July, when the joint force attacked Starshine, Cirion left the battle to undertake a "secondary mission", as Cirion sarcastically put it to Majed. Her warriors were going to Bad Landing, an island chain where there was an abandoned SLDF base, probably expecting to find a supply cache.[6]

But Majed, tired of Cirion's pirate actions, made a deal with the Lyran commander on planet, and took the Seventy-first to stop the Warriors. The Eridanis crushed the pirates, and Majed personally downed Cirion's 'Mech with his Black Knight, informing her that she and her pirates would be marooned there, and the Lyrans would take charge of all their 'Mechs and DropShips, and told the rest of the Warriors that Cirion's unit had been destroyed in battle, before departing and leaving them to their fate.[7]

Physical Description[edit]

Cirion was described as a woman with blond hair and a hardened, angular face.[8]


Cirion piloted a BattleMaster.[9]


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