Ariana's War

Ariana's War
Part of The Age of War
Start Date 2528
Planet Several worlds along the Capellan Rimward border
Result Taurian Concordat raids successful
No change in territory
Taurian Concordat
Capellan Confederation
Commanders and leaders
Amalthia Calderon Kalvin Liao


Ariana's War was a series of heavy raids on the Capellan Confederation by the Taurian Concordat in the year 2528. The raids were provoked by the murder of Ariana Calderon by her husband Kalvin Liao in 2527. The two had married in early 2520 to solidify political ties between their nations, not for love. The marriage was unpopular among the Taurian court, but Kalvin had not yet assumed his uncle's role as Chancellor nor shown any signs of his incipient insanity. But once Kalvin ascended to the Celestial Throne, the gloves/wheels came off. Kalvin had an obsession with one Mesilla Allard, daughter of Duke Allard of Andurien. Unable to convince her or her father to let him marry her, Kalvin began marrying dozens of women; by 2527 he had "married" 26 women after Lady Ariana. In that year his dementia caused him to believe his wives were trying to kill him while he slept, so he had them all executed in a single night. [1]

When word of this fell deed reached Taurus, Lady Ariana's mother Amalthia Calderon ordered retaliation against the Capellan Confederation. Her court and her people both supported the first ever Periphery initiated strike into Inner Sphere territory. In mid 2528 elements of the TDF boarded Taurian WarShips and struck several worlds along the Capellan Rimward border. After landing the Taurians wrecked what they could not carry off. The raids continued virtually unopposed until the end of the year when the Protector called them off.[2] The Capellans had been beaten down by their mad Chancellor, whose obsession had his nation's military embroiled in yet another war over Andurien too far away to stop the rampaging Taurians.


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