BattleTech OmniMech Blueprints

BattleTech OmniMech Blueprints
Product information
Type Accessory (Poster Set)
Illustrations Steve Venters
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1661
First published 1991
ISBN-10 1555601480
MSRP $10.00
Content 4 posters

The BattleTech OmniMech Blueprints are a series of four cutaway blueprint-style BattleMech poster images. The poster size is 22" x 34" (60cm x 91cm).

The 'Mechs depicted are Vulture, Loki, Thor and Mad Cat.

From the back cover (folded version box)[edit]

Unrelenting, these Clan 'Mechs have decimated regiment after regiment of Inner Sphere 'Mechs. Nothing can stand before them, and nothing can stop their inexorable drive into the heart of the Inner Sphere.

From battlefield reports and salvage, ComStar's ROM technical division has been able to produce technical blueprints for four of the Clan's most feared OmniMechs: the Loki, the Vulture, the Thor, and the Mad Cat.

This Clan Blueprint set contains four 22" x 34" OmniMech blueprints printed on heavy poster stock. Each detailed drawing shows both the internal and external structure of the OmniMech.