Carson Enright

Carson Enright
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Rank "Brigadier" (see text)
Profession MechWarrior

As of ca. 3025, Carson Enright served as the commanding officer of the Lyran Commonwealth's 32nd Lyran Guards Regiment[1] However, it should be noted that the 32nd Lyran Guards' entry in the unit deployment tables of the House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth) document for 3025 does not name the commanding officer and leaves the line blank, unlike for other regiments; the unit was rated "green" and reliable and at the time, and was stationed on Solaris under the overall command of Margrave Victor Joss, General of the Wyatt Theater.[2] Enright not mentioned at all in the document. This suggests Enright had died, retired or otherwise left the LCAF in 3025 and was not in command of the 32nd Lyran Guards anymore.

He was considered a notable pilot of the Cyclops BattleMech, and his 'Mech was known as the Archon's Eye.

Considered an old-school Lyran officer, he was famous for his brash and unpredictable tactics. Reportedly, he scowled at the habits of less disciplined MechWarriors.[1]


Enright's rank was given as "Brigadier", a rank that does not exist in the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. Since it was noted that by 3025 he had commanded "brigade and division-sized 'Mech units" several times in the past, it may be an informal reference (in the sense of "Brigadier General") to the senior rank of General.

The LCAF at the time had no combat formations at the brigade or division level. Enright would thus have been in overall command of an administrative brigade or division, or possibly an ad-hoc brigade or division formed from several regiments.


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