Category:Individual Lola III-class WarShips

This category lists all articles on the BattleTechWiki about individual WarShips that have been identified as Lola III-class vessels (excluding Lola I and Lola II class vessels, as these are considered distinct classes).

Note: While the class is oftentimes referred to simply as Lola (without specifying Lola I, Lola II or Lola III class), the Lola III class is thought to be the most common by far, and is thus assumed to be the class of any "Lola"-class WarShip by default, barring cases where there is evicence suggesting a specific vessel would be of the Lola I or Lola II class.

(See also Category:Individual Lola I-class WarShips and Category:Individual Lola II-class WarShips)