Chaos Campaign Scenario: The Ballad of Sir Lobos Plumados

Shrapnel Cover (Issue 6).jpg
Chaos Campaign Scenario: The Ballad of Sir Lobos Plumados
Story information
Author Eric Salzman
Pages 6
Type Scenario
Product Shrapnel Issue 6
Era Civil War Era
Timeline 8 October 3063

The Ballad of Sir Lobos Plumados is a Track-style scenario by Eric Salzman that was published in Shrapnel Issue 6 on 15 September 2021.

Plot summary[edit]

Sir Miguel Lobos Plumados is a Knight-Errant of the Second Knights of the Inner Sphere whose flamboyant mannerisms made him a prominent figure in Thomas Marik's public relations/propaganda campaign surrounding the Knights. He undertook missions for the Free Worlds League accompanied by a holovid crew from Kesmai Holographiks to get footage for their recreational hologram environments.

Following an attempt by Kali Liao's followers to assassinate Isis Marik, Sir Miguel was dispatched to the Chaos March world of Fletcher to root out and destroy a House of the Setting Sun base that had provided support for the assassination attempt.

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Sir Miguel Lobos Plumados appears on the pilot card that accompanies the Thug miniature.