Eric Salzman (person)

Eric A. Salzman
Born July 29, 1974
Occupation Author
User name on Sarna BTW Mendrugo
BattleTech forum handle Mendrugo
In-universe persona Eric Salzman (Dynasty Guard)

Introduced to BattleTech through the Crescent Hawks' Inception computer game in the 1980s, Eric Salzman ran BattleTech games at the Davis Recreation And Gaming Organizational Network (D.R.A.G.O.N.) club at college and signed on as FanPro Commando #8 after the license transferred from FASA to FanPro.

He authored a scenario and a unit digest for BattleCorps, and transferred from the FanPro demo team to the fact check/playtest team under Catalyst Game Labs. He began writing sourcebook entries and material for Shrapnel in 2020.

The commanding officer of the Dynasty Guard was named after him in Field Manual: Capellan Confederation (with the real Eric Salzman being known to be partial to the Capellan Confederation in particular).


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