Christopher Halas-Hughes

Christopher Halas-Hughes
Also known asChristopher Marik,
Hellion Hughes
AffiliationHouse Halas-Hughes
ParentsPhilip Hughes (father)
Jessica Marik (mother)
SiblingsJanos IV

Christopher Marik is the fourth child of Jessica Marik and Sir Philip Hughes.[1]


In 3135, Christopher Marik was granted permission to attend an extreme sports tour while awaiting further orders from his mother.

In 3136, he met Duke Fontaine Marik on Tamarind as directed by Jessica Marik, to propose an alliance against Anson Marik. The Duke took him under his wing as his protege, which resulted in a strong alliance between Fontaine's court and Jessica's family.[2]

IlClan Era[edit]

The dawn of IlClan Era found Christopher still at the side of Duke Fontaine, though now as a military commander, after living several years in Tamarind-Abbey. As the League's parliament censured Fontaine for his unsanctioned war against the Marian Hegemony, Christopher helped him, using part of his considerable fortune he received from his murdered mother, to help defeat the Marians, hiring several mercenary units to retake the planets of the Gibraltar tumb, with Fontaine's blessing.[3]


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