Coral Gulf

Coral Gulf
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The CBS Coral Gulf was a JumpShip in service with the Merchant Caste of Clan Blood Spirit and in 3067 was sent on a secret exploration mission by the Blood Spirits in the guise of being a part of a Blood Spirit strike against the Clan Star Adder enclaves on Arcadia and Tanis. In tandem with a sister Merchant Caste JumpShip, the CBS Cyprus Dream, the Coral Gulf explored a number of nearby star systems looking for habitable worlds.[1]

While the efforts of the Cyprus Dream failed to turn up any colonization prospects, the Coral Gulf found two marginally-habitable worlds in what became known as the Colleen system. These two worlds, named Haven and Honor by the Blood Spirits, would both receive parties of colonists from the Coral Gulf, with Haven receiving the lion's share due to its position closer to the primary star in the system. The Coral Gulf had returned to York by the middle of the year, and in 3068 was dispatched back to the system once more with additional supplies and personnel in the guise of yet another military strike force, a pattern that would continue for years as the Blood Spirits prepared a bolthole away from the other Clans.[1]


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