Davion Guards (Swordsworn)

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Davion Guards' Insignia
Davion Guards
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Federated Suns
Parent Command Swordsworn


When Conner Sortek followed Devlin Stone and joined the Republic of the Sphere, he brought with him elements of the First Davion Guards, who were mostly folded into the developing RAF line brigades.

The descendants of these soldiers now follow Aaron Sandoval, and the spirit of the Federated Suns in the Dark Ages trying times.

The unit was originally the Duke's Honor Guard, but with the fall of the HPG Network in 3132 Conner's son Justin, renamed the unit the Davion Guards.

The unit received the lion's share of equipment and support from Sandoval's personal fortune and profess the same loyalty to House Davion as their leader.[1]

The unit's motto is Strength of House Davion.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Davion Guards
Colonel Justin Sortek 3134[1]

Other Officers[edit]

In 3134 the unit's XO was Lieutenant Colonel Kiki O'Gorman.[1]

Composition History[edit]


  • Davion Guards[1] (2 Battalions / Green / Reliable)
  • Equipment Level: B


The original Dossier for the Swordsworn's Davion Guards listed the unit as being Elite instead of green skill rating.


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