Story information
Author Elizabeth T. Danforth
Michael A. Stackpole
Pages 2
Type Short story
Product Shrapnel
Illustrations Jeff Laubenstein
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 13 October-17 November 3020

Dispatch is a BattleTech short story by Elizabeth T. Danforth and Michael A. Stackpole. It was published in the 1988 anthology Shrapnel.

Plot summary[edit]

A sequence of military mail traffic consisting of orders and brief reports illustrates how Snord's Irregulars embarrassed the Second Free World Guards in 3020 through a successful objective raid on the Kincaid peninsula on the world of McAffe, despite being positively expected to raid the facility where a trap was set for them. In this raid they reclaimed a collection of various pieces of art previously lost to House Marik forces. The last message is a sarcastic message to Janos Marik himself by Cranston Snord, thanking him for the items on behalf of his daughter.