Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair
Product information
Type Sourcebook fiction
Short story
Author William H. Keith, Jr.
Pages 24 Pages
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 2020
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 12 April 2990
Series Colby's Commandos Mission
Preceded by Eyestorm

The short story Dragon's Lair by William H. Keith, Jr. was first published in MechWarrior: Destiny.

Plot summary[edit]

Colby's Commandos continue to press the Deathgeld despite being down to five 'Mechs due to the battle outside Trent a week ago. Not only that but second-in-command Durant Carlyle believes the Deathgeld are the leading edge of a Draconis Combine invasion. Despite limited intel, the injured Jonathan Colby insists on landing at the capital city of Golandrinas, Rowe, so that they have more concrete evidence to provide their employer, Georg Suertos on Wotan. As soon as the Ragamuffin begins to land outside the city the ship starts taking ground fire, the Commandos deploy under fire and defeat the ambushers with assistance from the DropShip's guns. The locals reveal that there is a large 'Mech force present and that the planetary government has submitted to House Kurita. The Commandos realize they've been betrayed by Suertos's agent Reid. Hemmed in by Deathgeld forces, the Commandos push into the city, where Colby is killed after the cockpit of his captured Dragon is smashed. Now in command Carlyle realizes that the Commandos are being baited away from their vulnerable DropShip, which is being targeted by the Deathgeld. The Commandos retreat to the ship just in time to defeat the Deathgeld. A pilot they captured from a defeated Griffin turns out to be Reid, who reveals that double-crossing the Commandos was an opportunistic collaboration between Suertos and Kuritan factions to profit from the gold taken from Vickers Mining. The Commandos were hired to provide the resistance needed to encourage the landing of the entire Deathgeld regiment, which is now broken with the death of their commander Gerard Duboise and the capture of Reid, who is their current commander. Carlyle turns down Reid's offer to join the Deathgeld and opts for turning him over to the government of Golandrinas, noting that he signed his contract with the dead Jonathan Colby, and their unit is now Carlyle's Commandos.

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