Carlyle's Commandos

Carlyle's Commandos
Unit Profile (as of 3024)
CO Durant Carlyle
DropShips Yes (see text)
Aerospace No
Armor No
Infantry Yes
Unit Disposition - 3024
Company Trell I -
Durant Carlyle's death at the helm of his Phoenix Hawk
Carlyle's Commandos were a mercenary unit consisting of two BattleMech lances plus several platoons of infantry, led by Captain Durant Carlyle. By 3024 the unit was garrisoning the planet Trellwan, where a 'Mech lance of local Lyran regulars accepted Carlyle as their CO, effectively bringing the unit's strength to a full 'Mech company (three lances).[1]

After the unit's effective destruction in 3024, many survivors joined the Trellwan Lancers under the command of Durant Carlyle's son Grayson. The Trellwan Lancers in turn formed the nucleus of what would become the famous Gray Death Legion.


Carlyle's Commandos were stationed on garrison duty on the world of Trell I (Trellwan) since 3019[2] in the employ of House Steiner. During their stay on the planet they defended it several times against bandit raids.[2] In 3024 the unit met its end in a sneak attack by Oberon Confederation troops, who pretended to be friendly forces, arriving in the course of an alliance between the Confederation and the Lyran Commonwealth as a replacement garrison, but who in truth worked for Duke Hassid Ricol from the Draconis Combine. Upon arriving at the starport, the DropShip and the BattleMechs and troops it carried launched a surprise attack, killing Durant Carlyle in his 'Mech in the process. Together with the efforts of an indigenous saboteur and the infiltration by enemy commandos Carlyle's Commandos were shattered in short order and the survivors forced to retreat off planet, leaving only Grayson Death Carlyle, Durant's son, behind, for he was believed to be dead.

Unexpectedly showing both leadership capabilities and military genius, young Grayson Carlyle subsequently rallied the local defenders and formed a militia force that could resist the invaders long enough to thwart Ricol's plot and save the planet from occupation by the Combine.

Following the successful fighting on Trellwan he went on to create a mercenary unit, the Gray Death Legion, from his Trellwan Lancers and the remains of Carlyle's Commandos. Later, the Legion would adopt the name "Carlyle's Commandos" for its Recon Lance.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Carlyle's Commandos
Captain Durant Carlyle 3024




As of 3024, the 'Mech company was led by Captain Durant Carlyle. One lance composed of his Phoenix Hawk, Lieutenant Ernest Hauptman's Shadow Hawk (the number two in the lance), and two Wasps was stationed at the "Castle" on Trellwan.

The unit also had a spacecraft at their disposal, referred to as a "shuttle" at one point. Their remaining troops used this craft to escape from the sneak attack. It is implied that the "shuttle" also accommodated their 'Mechs, and this and the visual description suggests it to be a Leopard-class DropShip. Carlyle's Commandos may not have been the owners of this vessel though, as it displayed the crest of House Steiner.


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