Mercenary's Honor

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Mercenary's Honor
Product information
Type Novella
Author Jason Schmetzer
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 1 July 2022
Era ilClan
Timeline 21 January - 7 February 3152

From the back cover[edit]


For new mercenary groups just starting out, one of the primary rules is “Follow the money.” Even when it’s being paid by the same people who forced you to become a mercenary unit in the first place.

Ronan and Isobel Carlyle are experiencing this right now, having accepted a contract from the newly-formed Tamar Pact, the cluster of planets that recently seceded from the Lyran Commonwealth — and got the once-loyal Carlyle siblings cashiered as turncoats.

Now the Pact wants the Legion’s help with one of their newer planets, Crimond. But murky mission parameters and an unhelpful liaison officer leaves Ronan and Bel wondering who’s a friend and who’s a foe. And when the Legion splits up to handle two different missions, Bel finds herself an entire continent away, on a mission to scout an abandoned Star League base. But she soon discovers the base — and the nearby community — is anything but abandoned… and if she doesn’t act fast, she and her GDL commandos will receive a welcome they won’t walk away from…

Plot Summary[edit]

The 21 January 3152, on the Condor continent of the planet Crimond, a man named Curtain is carried to the coast by a fishing ship. On land, a womand named Andy Ishikawa received him with a jeep and carried him to Curtain's home. They talked about the rumors of a new invader which had arrived and took the planet's main continent. The 2 February, on the planetary capital, Sol City, two of these invaders talked about the planet's conquest. They were the brothers Isobel and Ronan Carlyle, founding leaders of the mercenary unit Gray Death Legion. She was surprised to know than the Tamar Pact, their contractors, had simply won a car race with the planetary defenders, as a Trial of Possession. Then, a nearby planetary government building exploded, concussing the Carlyles, though only she sufered a minor wound. In a later meeting of officers of the Pact, the Carlyles heard the planetary's situation, and after meeting their liaison officer, the Carlyles accepted two works. She insisted on accepting both at the same time, he helping hunting terrorists, and she leading an exploration of a old Star League fortress... on Condor. After taking a DropShip, Carlyle's Commandos, Isobel's unit, landed on condor. They were meet by Curtain, a former Clanner, and several tanks and infantry. Isobel asked for a truce to talk with the locals, and was accepted. Unknown to all, a technician, a Lyran loyalist, was also on Condor, inspecting the fortress, called Fort Belvoir, and had heard how to make it operative again. When Isobel and several of her infantrymen travelled to the local population nearby, the locals, or Condors, didn' meet them with hostility. Curtain was even welcoming with them. When Blucher talked with some legionnaires and heard about the reformation of the Tamar Pact, was scandalized, and after gathering a group of lyran loyalists, decided to take the fort for the Lyran Commonwealth. Blucher made the Fort's systems active again, and used the fortress' defenses to attack both the Legion and Condors in the landing zone. But the Legionnaires on foot, along with Curtain and some of his people, were already inspecting the Fort, so they charged to Blucher's command post. After a short but intense firefight, the lyran loyalists were killedd or captured, in the case of Blucher. The 7 February, the Commandos returned to Sol City, victorious. After informing the Legion's liaison officer of the mission's success, Isobel informed Ronan about the recruitment for the Legion of Curtain, Ishikawa and some others. Ronan, at the beginning, didn't know if to accept them, but finally accepted, welcoming Curtain to the Legion.

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