Gray Death Rising

Gray Death Rising cover.jpg
Gray Death Rising
Product information
Type Anthology
Author Jason Schmetzer
Development John Helfers (Editor)
Pages 347
Cover Artwork Marco Mazzoni
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 18 January 2024
ISBN-10 1638611491
ISBN-13 978-1638611493
MSRP $14.95
Era ilClan
Timeline 13 August 3151 - 22 May 3152

Gray Death Rising (subtitle: A BattleTech Collection) is an Anthology of novellas written by Jason Schmetzer in January 2024.

From the back cover[edit]


Former hauptmann Ronan Carlyle and his sister Isobel are soldiers without a nation. After their commanding officer left the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces entirely, the pair returned to Lyran space for reassignment. But their senior officer branded the remaining troops traitors and cashiered them, stranding hundreds of former LCAF soldiers and technicians. With nothing but a local salvage yard to their name, the Carlyle kids hit upon a way to at least get their people off-planet and back home. So, out of desperation, the Gray Death Legion is reborn. But soon, what was supposed to be a temporary mercenary unit turns into something entirely different…a real mercenary unit.


Gray Death Rising chronicles the new Gray Death Legion’s early missions. From their very first job—working for the same unit that kicked them out of the LCAF—to their next job off-planet, to their biggest mission yet, facing political intrigue and taking on the mantle of their famous great-grandfather’s legacy on the planet of Pandora in a brand-new story. In the cutthroat mercenary world of the Inner Sphere, it takes more than a famous name to survive. Fortunately, Ronan and Bel have the training, intelligence, and most importantly, experience to carry their family’s legacy into a new era. And collected here for the first time, read where it all begins…again.