Decision at Pandora

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Decision at Pandora
Product information
Type Novella
Author Jason Schmetzer
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 18 January 2024
Era ilClan
Timeline 28 April 3152

Decision at Pandora is a novella written by Jason Schmetzer, the story was initially released in the Gray Death Rising Anthology in January 2024.

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Plot Summary[edit]

On the planet Pandora, baron Elam Nobu blackmailed a Tamar Pact officer to force her to submit at his will, as part of a plan to secede the planet from the Pact and return it to the Lyran Commonwealth. Staff Sergeant Zahara Khaled suspected it, but was unable to prove them. Meanwhile, Ronan Carlyle, leader of the Gray Death Legion, was to land on Pandora while solving discipline problems. Once on the ground, he received a gift from his father: his ancestor's Marauder BattleMech. The Legion's arrival surprised and disturbed Nobu, as he ignored they were to arrive, and though he attempted to bribe or buy the mercenaries, his attempts failed, so he decided instead to destroy them. After a terrorist attack during a meeting, which decapitated the Pact's military leadership on planet, Nobu declared the Legion rogues and send his new military force to destroy or capture them. The Legion base fell easily, as they were on the field, making combat maneuvers. A company of the Pandora Planetary Guard attacked them, expecting to find them unarmed, but the Legion had time to rearm themselves and easily annihilated the company without barely any losses. After Khaled and Ronan's men managed to convince the rebel's highest rank officer to switch sides again, the Legion join the Pact's forces to easily crush the rebellion. Nobu was abandoned by his Malthus Syndicate partners and arrested. Two weeks later, the rebellion had been defeated, but Ronan, despite the victory, didn't think he want to renovate the Legion's contract with the Pact, instead searching work somewhere else.

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