Emerald Warrior

Emerald Warrior
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Broadsword


The Emerald Warrior was one of five Broadsword-class DropShips operated by (Rhonda) Snord's Irregulars as of 3055.[1] The others were the Hound Dog, Iron Honor, Snord's Anvil, and Dispatcher. These five ships were explicitly described as "captured" vessels.


  • The name of the Emerald Warrior strongly suggests that it was captured from Clan Jade Falcon. Snord's Irregulars had famously won the entire Dark Wing Cluster as isorla at Camelot Command in 3051, including their DropShips. However, it should be noted that no Broadsword-class DropShips were taken in this instance; the Cluster's DropShips were two Union-C-class vessels, the Majestic Defiance and Diamondstar.[2]
  • Clan Jade Falcon unsuccessfully attempted to retake Camelot Command in 3054.[3] It is possible that the Broadswords were captured in this action.


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