The BattleTech ForcePacks are a series of BattleMech, Battle Armor and Combat Vehicle miniature sets released by Catalyst Game Labs intended for use in the classic BattleTech tabletop and Alpha Strike games.

From the FAQ for the 2023 Mercenaries Crowdfunding Campaign:

What is a ForcePack?

Our high-quality, affordable, ready-to-play plastic miniatures ForcePacks are the heart and soul of Battletech. Each re-imagined miniature retains the core of each ‘Mech’s identity grounded in the original artist expression and lore we all love, carefully updated with modern aesthetics.[1]


Originally created by Catalyst Game Labs as part of the 2019 Clan Invasion Crowdfunding Campaign, ForcePacks are the means to release many more 'Mechs and expand upon those included in the various rule-including boxsets.

The use of the term ForcePack encompasses the various common small-scale units of the various factions of BattleTech - Lances, Stars and Level IIs - as well providing the flexibility of other formations. ForcePacks generally include multiple miniatures, while one-off miniatures have been created by CGL under the so-called Salvage Box model.

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