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Forgotten Heroes, Slandered Honor

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Forgotten Heroes, Slandered Honor
Story information
Author Patrick Wynne
Pages 2
Type In-Universe Media
Product Shrapnel Issue 1
Era Dark Age Era
Agency Terran Legion
Universe Date 3096

Forgotten Heroes, Slandered Honor is a 3096 newsletter of the Terran Legion. It was written by Patrick Wynne in the first issue of Shrapnel.

Plot summary[edit]

Years after the Jihad, the rank and file members of the Protectorate Militia and Terran Security find themselves the subject of ridicule and derision for their association with the Word of Blake. This continues to occur despite the Republican Senate passing the General Amnesty Act of 3082 which granted amnesty to such low level forces. The Terran Legion appears to be a military fraternal organization for such veterans.

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