Geralk Marik's Lyran Campaigns

Geralk Marik's Lyran Campaigns
Part of The Age of War
Start Date From Feb 2455 to 2459
Planet Alula Australis
Bella I
Free Worlds League
Lyran Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders
Captain-General Geralk Marik

Geralk Marik campaing against they Lyran Commonwalth run between February 2455 to 2459. During these years, several operations against different planets were executed.

The Free Worlds League began an offensive with the aim of capturing Alula Australis and Bella I:

  • Feb 2455 - To break the final resistance of Lyran defenders on Alula Australis, the Mariks made liberal use of heavy artillery and carpet-bombing runs. Under the cover of these artillery and bomb strikes, massed Armored Vehicles moved in, to finish Lyran defenders off.

Then, the next year, he started the assault of Loric after successful taking of Alula Australis and Bella I:

  • 2456 - Elated by his victories, Geralk Marik decided on conducting a another assault, this time against Loric. Though the FWLM was able to establish a beachhead, it soon ran into well-commanded Lyran Commonwealth resistance. The Loric Assault turned into a three year battle of maneuver, sniping and hit-and-run tactics. In attempts to draw the defenders out, Geralk condoned many war atrocities.
  • 2459 - Geralk Marik planned another attack on Loric's southern continent, opening with a dawn artillery barrage. From the smoke and fire laid by the artillery, Lyran BattleMechs revealed themselves for the first time, practically undamaged. Slowly walking forward, the new machines almost instantly created mass panic in the Free Worlds League lines. Geralk ordered immediate concentrated artillery barrages against the on-coming 'Mechs, with anti-personnel charges having no effect. In a panic strike of his own, Geralk ordered all of his Armored Vehicles forward, covered by armor-piercing artillery shots. Lyran 'Mechs surged forward at seeing one of their own number go down by a direct artillery hit. A mere 15 minutes later, an entire FWL Armored Vehicle Regiment lay in shreds, to the lost of only one Steiner BattleMech. Despite over 1000 men killed or maimed in a few minutes, the Bloodthirsty Giant did not retreat, nor surrender. Instead, he called in his naval transports to add to what little remained of his offensive firepower. Only with the additional guns from twin Corvettes FWLS Dyson and FWLS Irbid, did the 'Mechs back off. The 'Mech commander, Colonel William Hershel, then broadcasted a demand for Geralk's surrender. With a flat-out refusal, the battle waged another hour. The Pintos rained light naval autocannon fire on the Lyran 'Mechs, until they came too close to Geralk's forces. Both Corvette captains refused to fire when the two forces became entangled, ignoring the screaming demands of the Bloodthirsty Giant. In end, the LC Mechs overran the FWL command post, where Captain-General Geralk Marik was crushed under a 'Mech's foot.[1][2]


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