Hackman (MechAssault)

Production information
Class Light
Technical specifications
'Mech type Mixed-tech BattleMech
Mass 35 tons
Armor Unknown with Null-Signature system
Engine 105-rated (Unknown Type)[1]
Speed 56[2] km/h


The Hackman is supposedly a variant of the Owens light OmniMech designed for infiltration and reconnaissance missions.

To enable its intended mission, the Hackman mounts Null-Signature system technology for avoiding enemy radar and sneaking behind enemy lines, and likely carries either ferro-fibrous armor, or an ECM suite and stealth armor. The 'Mech also weighs 35 tons, and travels at 56 km/h,[2] making it rather slow for a light 'Mech (in all likelihood, powered by a 105-rated fusion engine). It is possible that the engine was downgraded to enable it to carry the Gauss rifle, seeing as even the Clan model weighs 12 tons, nearly a third of the 'Mech's total weight.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Hackman is armed with a Clan-spec Gauss rifle for its primary weapon, giving it powerful long-range firepower for its size. Two Crossbow SRM-4 launchers provide firepower once the enemy is closer in.


This BattleMech was featured in an official BattleTech product, namely the MechAssault series of computer games.

By virtue of being exclusive to an official, albeit not positively canonical product, the game and the 'Mechs presented therein including this one must be considered apocryphal.


  • In an unusual move that goes against the usual BattleTech universe standards, 'Mech speeds are expressed in mph rather than km/h; speed figures has been converted to km/h for this article.
  • The Hackman runs only around half as quickly as the Owens. Given that it carries a Gauss rifle, and that in MechAssault missile and ballistic weapons have limitless ammunition in their base form, it is likely that only a single ton of ammunition was installed for each weapon.
  • All weapons in the game begin with standard damage values and thus do not track ammunition. Upgrades are available through play in each mission and allow weapons to be upgraded up to a maximum of two times beyond that of the bases level, but each upgrade has an increasingly limited amount of shots or rounds before it reverts to the next level lower. For example, a 'Mech is equipped with the Gauss rifle level 1 and obtains a ballistic weapon upgrade to level 2, the player now has 10 rounds available with increased damage. If the player is able to upgrade again to level 3, they will only have 5 rounds available at an even higher damage value. As each levels' ammunition is used, the level 3 upgrade will revert to level 2, and level 2 will revert to level 1's base damage.


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