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Hedwig Verona

Hedwig Verona
Character Profile
Died November 3077
Affiliation Word of Blake
Rank Precentor


Hedwig Verona (b. ???? - d. November 3077) was a member of the Word of Blake, and towards the end of the Jihad had reached the rank of Precentor, serving as the chief of the Spiritual Enlightenment agency on Hall by 3077. When allied coalition forces arrived on Hall as a part of Operation SCOUR, Planetary Governor Franco Reynolds arranged a ceasefire and then a planetary surrender after being contacted by Private Bethany Barratt to avoid bloodshed on a planet already war-weary after years of conflict arising from having been within the boundaries of the Chaos March. As Blakist forces across Hall surrendered, Verona was apparently killed while attempting to evade capture by coalition forces.[1]


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