House Mailai

House Mailai

A powerful faction effectively ruling over the Erit Cluster in the Lyran Commonwealth as of 3024, House Mailai is a local trading House operating in the Lyran Commonwealth periphery and the Oberon Confederation.

The House Mailai crest is described as a "blue X-and-circle".

Ca. 3024, House Mailai served as middle-men in the precarious dealings between Viscount Olin Vogel, appointed representative of the Lyran Commonwealth's Archon Katrina Steiner, and Hendrik Grimm III of Oberon, by ferrying negotiators on their neutral DropShips which were not affiliated with either faction. It would later turn out that one of House Mailai's principal traders, "Proctor Sinvalie", was in fact one Captain Yorunabi, working for the Draconis Combine's ISF.

In early 3028, a House Mailai merchant was observed in the entourage of Lord Garth of Irian aboard his DropShip. At this time, House Mailai was described as a "minor" trading house.