Ikolor Fredasa

Ikolor Fredasa
Character Profile
Affiliation Star League
Rank Commanding General


General Ikolor Fredasa was the Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force from 2707 to 2729. Fredasa had been David Peterson's aide when the Admiral died in a DropShip accident, and was appointed to take his place by First Lord Jonathan Cameron.[1] Fredasa was dedicated to the ideals of the Star League and both a thoughtful and intelligent commander, but his personal loyalty was to the League as a whole, rather than to the First Lord. This motivated his actions during his tenure as Commanding General and was also ultimately responsible for his death.[2][3]

General Fredasa was the most socially active of all the commanders of the SLDF, earning a reputation as something of a fop. He also became known as "The Father of the Military Renaissance," though in truth he only continued the process of introducing new technology that was already in place. Despite this, he was also one of the first to start questioning the First Lord's ability to rule, especially with the start of the Second Hidden War.[1][4] When the First Lord refused to intervene out of paranoia, General Fredasa and a group of concerned government officials approached his sister, Jocasta Cameron, to take over as First Lord. When she refused, General Fredasa began spreading the rumor that she was planning a coup.[1][4][5] Fredasa and those working with him were motivated by their opinion that Jonathan was a fool - as popular as the First Lord was with the rank and file for his enlargement of the SLDF and the increased funding he provided, the senior staff responsible for policy and planning were much more critical of the manner in which Cameron quickly shifted between ignorance driven by fear and displays of power. They were also resentful of the way Jonathan's indecision over the Second Hidden War had prevented the SLDF from performing its mandate of protecting and maintaining the peace between Star League members. Fredasa's appeal to Jocasta and his subsequent actions were a part of what he termed Operation SUCCESSION.[6]

First Lord Jonathan became enraged when he heard this rumor[1][4] from the Hegemony Central Intelligence Bureau, backed up by troop redeployments ordered by Fredasa that were consistent with a coup attempt;[5] Jonathan was adamant that his sister would never do something like launch a coup.[1][4] Jonathan tasked the HCIB with identifying the correct conspirators; the end result of their investigation was a number of arrests on the 11th of November 2729.[5] General Fredasa was one of those arrested, along with Bureau of Star League Affairs Commander Gregory Wallace and Revenue Director Brice Hinchcliffe IV; all three were tried and hanged for treason. Fredasa protested that as a military officer he had a right to death by firing squad, a claim Fetladral ignored.[5] Fredasa was replaced by General Rebecca Fetladral.[1][4] Fetladral had been Fredasa's deputy and none of the details discovered relating to Operation SUCCESSION indicated that she had any knowledge of Fredasa's plan, although as his deputy the likelihood of her being ignorant of his intentions was debateable.[6]

Traitors have no rights.
  — Commanding General Rebecca Fetladral, in response to Fredasa's demand for his execution to be by firing squad.[5]


The actions of Fredasa and the others in his cabal marked the first major fracture in the cult of personality that House Cameron had held over the forces of the Star League Defense Force; after Fredasa's execution, officers in the SLDF began to adjust their thinking and actions to fall more in line with what was best for the League, rather than what they believed the desires of the First Lord were.[6] Although Fredasa's attempted coup failed, his actions were ultimately successful as they prompted Jocasata to become co-First Lord in all but name alongside Jonathan.[2][3][5]


  • The Clans regarded Fredasa as the epitome of the conflicted warrior, viewing him as both hero and villain, and they went so far as to name the Fredasa-class corvette after him.[3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
David Peterson
Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force

Succeeded by
Rebecca Fetladral


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