Insect Brigade

Insect Brigade
Disbanded 3034 (destroyed)
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent

The Insect Brigade was a mercenary unit. They seemed to have a special love for "insect" 'Mechs such as "Locust, Wasp, Stinger, Scorpion, and so forth" (otherwise often colloquially called "Bug 'Mechs"), and piloted these with superior skill.[1]


The unit was first mentioned as "a small hard-luck mercenary company" when they were hired in March 3034, at the onset of the Ronin War, by Uller Gledsson, the appointed Free Rasalhague Republic Valdherre of Kandis. Faced with staunchly pro–Lyran Commonwealth governor Brenda Richert surrounding the government complex with the Dragonslayers mercenary unit, a fifteen-hour standoff between the mercenary units ensued. Unfortunately, an Insect Brigade MechWarrior suffered a seizure and accidentally fired a machine gun salvo (reportedly from a Wasp, possibly a WSP-1K variant) into a crowd of Lyran protesters. This triggered a firefight that devolved into general chaos on the world. Governor Richert was accidentally killed by a Dragonslayers 'Mech.[2]

During the fighting on Kandis, the Insect Brigade also deployed a recon lance including Saracen tanks. The lead Saracen: "Cockroach", was destroyed by a Dragonslayers Locust.[3]

It was noted that the Insect Brigade were destroyed to a man on Kandis by the Dragonslayers over the course of the fighting.[4] They were reportedly destroyed as a unit in May 3034, with at least sixty percent losses, and surrendered to their opposition.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Insect Brigade



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