Katherine Kurita

Katherine Kurita
Character Profile
Affiliation Western Alliance
Profession Scientist
Spouse Takayoshi Fuchida


Katherine Kurita was an American-born research tech and the great-great-grandniece of the famous Japanese World War II admiral, Takeo Kurita.

She met Takayoshi Fuchida, twenty years older than she, while they were both working at Stanford and the two fell in love. Her family's ties to influential political friends back in Japan led to Fuchida receiving a five-year extension to his Stanford assignment in 2019. They married in the spring of 2021. Following Kearny and Fuchida's scientific humiliation, Fuchida would return to Japan in 2024, with his wife to build a small business selling stationery and origami supplies in a poorer section of Tokyo.[1][2]


It is not known when Katherine died.


Fuchida and Kurita's descendants would form the ruling House Kurita of the Draconis Combine, in the following centuries.[1] Their grandson, Takeo, was cited for military action in Brazil in 2098.[3]


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