Kernath Marik

Kernath Marik
Born August 2604[1][2][3]
Died 2671[1][2]
Affiliation Free Worlds League[2]
Rank Captain-General
Parents Ward Marik (father)[2]
Siblings Wayne Marik
Liam Marik
Children Terrence Marik IV[1][2]
Theodore Marik[1]

Kernath Marik (born 2604[1][2] - died 2671[1][2]), was the twenty-third[1] Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[2]


Kernath Marik was the second son of Captain-General Ward Marik; Kernath's older brother, Wayne, died in 2633 at the age of 32.[1] Kernath succeeded his father as Captain-General Kernath and proved a capable leader despite being a vain and self-serving individual. During his tenure as Captain-General Kernath spent less than eighteen months on Atreus, despite his reign lasting seventeen years; Kernath preferred to reside in his apartments at the Court of the Star League or his winter quarters at the Dormuth estate on Marik rather than on Atreus.[2]

Kernath became Captain-General in 2655[1] and spent his tenure building on the successes of his father's rule, increasing the prosperity of the Free Worlds League by encouraging trade both internally within the Free Worlds and between the various member-states of the Star League.[2]

When Kernath died House Marik appointed his brother Liam to the Captain-Generalcy, rather than Kernath's son Terrence Marik IV, predominantly as a reaction to the absentee nature of Kernath's rule, although a number of other factors were cited by the family when the appointment was made.[2]

Marriage and Family[edit]

Kernath had two sons, Terrence Marik IV and Theodore.[1] Terrence Marik IV would eventually also rule as Captain-General of the Free Worlds League[1][2] and both of Kernath's sons would be assassinated by the group known as the Scourge of Death in 2678.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Ward Marik
Captain-General of the Free Worlds League
2655 - 2671

Succeeded by
Liam Marik


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