Legion of the Rising Sun

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Legion of the Rising Sun
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


Formed after the 4th Succession War as a reaction to Coordinator Takashi Kurita's infamous Death to Mercenaries Order, many smaller mercenary commands were forced to leave the Draconis Combine and gathered under the leadership of Colonel Jürgen Petersen on Galatea. Their first contract brought them to the Free Rasalhague Republic and the conflict against Ronin forces. The next contract was with the AFFC. During this time they supported line units and made raids against Clan forces for the DCMS. After that they worked first for the Lyran Alliance and then the FWLM until now.[1][2]

In 3069 the unit got a contract from the resistance leader in the FWL. Transported to the planet Hall for a scout mission the mercs fought for over a year against the Blakists, where they lost their commanding officer and one battalion. After a retreat back to Oliver the mercs had to fight again against the Blakists' 12th Division (the former 6th Free Worlds Legionnaires). The resistance movement could only save one company of mixed forces from Oliver.[1][2]

The surviving members of the Legion were destroyed on the world of Alphard in the Free Worlds League on the 29th of June, 3073, by the 52nd Shadow Division.[3][4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Legion of the Rising Sun
Colonel Jürgen Petersen 3037 - 3073[1]


The soldiers of the Legion know to use zellbrigen and excel in small unit missions.[1]


The unit has sufficient techs and support capacities but have a lack of JumpShips.[1]

Dragoon Ratings[edit]

Dragoon Rating: B[1]

Composition History[edit]


The Legion of the Rising Sun (Regiment/Veteran/Regular)<ref name="MSp45">

  • Aide: Colonel Mitsuko Kanae

- Most 'Mechs are upgraded, sometimes with Clan technology.[1]

- For security duties they have their own small forces (1 company of tanks and 1 battalion of infantry).[1]

Unit Scheme[edit]

The Legion of the Rising Sun uses camouflage as appropriate to the local terrain while on duty, or a pale gray color scheme with red highlights when on parade.[1]


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