Madelyne Sian

Madelyne Sian
Character Profile
Died 2317
Affiliation Sian Commonality
Spouse Christopher Marik
Children Kyle Sian-Marik
Dorian Sian-Marik

Madelyne Sian was born in the Sian Commonality and married Christopher Marik (in line of the Captain-General position of the Free Worlds League) in 2305.


The Free Worlds League Parliament passed a law that specifically barred the children of this union from becoming Captain-General, though it did not exclude Christopher himself. The Parliament considered Sian a hostile neighbor and did not want to take chances allowing the family into the line of succession. Christopher's descendants became known as the "Sian-Mariks".[1][2]


Madelyne died in childbirth in 2317.[3]


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