Marco Steiner

Marco Steiner
Character Profile
Born 2912[1]
Died 2961[1]
Affiliation House Steiner
Title(s) Archon[1]
Profession Noble
Parents Tatyana Steiner (mother)[2][1]
Siblings Errol Steiner
Children Giovanni Steiner[1]
Daniel Steiner[1]

Marco Steiner was the twenty-sixth Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.[3]


Upon his mother's retirement in 2937, Marco reluctantly became ruler of the Commonwealth. A poet by trade, he despised politicians and only accepted the throne because of the public's fear of his violent and sadistic younger brother who was seen as potentially another Claudius Steiner.[4]

Marco's short reign was most notable for him leading investigations into a hidden spy in the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces who was leaking crucial intelligence to the Free Worlds League. With the help of the Lyran Intelligence Corps the traitor Mikhail Tertren, a Hauptmann in the Twelfth Lyran Regulars who had sold out to the Free Worlds League, was uncovered but escaped and remained at large for many years before he resurfaced leading an invasion of Cavanaugh II in 2952, and was subsequently killed in a headhunting mission.[4]

Marco retired later that same year when his advancing pancreatic cancer and the heavy side effects of his medication made him unable to rule any longer.[3][4]


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