Giovanni Steiner

Giovanni Steiner
Character Profile
Born 2932[1]
Died 2980[2][1]
Affiliation House Steiner
Title(s) Archon
Profession Noble
Parents Marco Steiner (father)[1]
Siblings Daniel Steiner[1]
Children Lisa Steiner[1]
Alessandro Steiner[1]
Sophia Steiner[1]
Hermann Steiner[1]

Giovanni Steiner was the twenty-seventh Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.[3]


He was rushed into ruling at 20 years of age after the early retirement of his gravely-ill father, Marco Steiner. Having just graduated from Tharkad University with degrees in economics and political science, Giovanni's total lack of military training initially worried his Armed Forces generals. However, he turned out to be a competent strategist willing to listen to his advisers, and in the early years of his reign the LCAF successfully defended Alexandria from a Kuritan attack which escalated into the largest Third Succession War battle in Steiner territory.[3][4]

A quiet and unassuming leader, Giovanni's biggest contribution as Archon was based on his economic skills. He reorganized the military bureaucracy and reduced wasteful spending, freeing up funds to stockpile extra supplies and hire more mercenaries. When in 2957 the 9th Battle for Hesperus II crippled the Commonwealth's 'Mech and weapons production for the following two decades, Giovanni's reforms kept the LCAF operational. In 2971, the key mercenary forces of the Eridani Light Horse and 12th Star Guards defeated a large-scale Marik invasion of Loric, a critical stronghold on the anti-spinward Lyran border.[3][4] Giovanni also showed strictness when necessary, using the 26th Lyran Guards to suppress a violent uprising on Summit in 2977[4], further contributing to the regiment's nickname "Steiner's Boots".[5]

A passionate equestrian in his spare time, Giovanni Steiner died in 2980, only 48 years old, from a fall during a showjumping performance. He would be succeeded by his much more militaristic son, Alessandro. [3][4]


Perhaps the most significant choice in Giovanni's life was his decision to father four children, leading to several competing family lines of significance. Katrina Steiner laid claim to the throne through her mother Lisa, while would-be Archons like Frederick or Ryan and his son Robert Kelswa-Steiner had their descent from Sophia Steiner to give their claim extra weight.[1] The jockeying for power between branches of the family was a major concern for whomever held the throne for much of the century after Giovanni's death.


I'm perfectly willing to go into the history books as 'ol' what's his name' if it means I can quietly look after the citizens of the Commonwealth and occasionally ride my horses.
  — Archon Giovanni Steiner, reacting to satirical holo portraying him as a blond fool, in A Look at the Steiner Family, by Cevin Stenman, Commonwealth Press, 2978[6]
Loric? Where's Loric?
  — Archon Giovanni Steiner quoted in A Look at the Steiner Family, by Cevin Stenman, Commonwealth Press, 2978[7]


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