Mark Castor-Davion

Mark Castor-Davion
Affiliation House Davion
The Red Khopesh
Spouse Serina
Children Tommy

Mark Castor-Davion was a minor noble of the Federated Suns and the founder and only known leader of the The Red Khopesh Pirate group.[1]


Early Life and Career[edit]

Mark was born on planet Lee on the Federated Suns. In the university, he knew a kuritan girl named Serina and fell in love with her. They married, scandalizing his family. He followed her to his planet, Turtle Bay. Both settled in Edo, the capital, and had a son, Tommy. He ceased to use his Davion name, working as a English professor.[2]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Mark left Turtle Bay, returning briefly to Lee, to mend fences with his family. During his abscence, the Clan Smoke Jaguar taken turtle Bay, and bombarded Edo, turning the city, and Mark's family, to a sea radioactive glass.[3] Mark reappeared only sixteen years later, on Randis, in the Periphery.[4]. He was send by IRF to deliver humanitarian items to help the Randis people: pharmaceuticals, seed grain, water purification units, and two billion C-Bills. In that moment, as half of Brotherhood warriors are busy searching for the Black Scarabs, they've been forced to hire a small mercenary unit, the Malfont Raiders to help them defend Randis, and Mark contract them to help escort a convoy with part of the money.[5] Malfont appeared to want more money, questioning Mark's identity and motives, forcing him to confess her his wife's death. During the way, the escorts, led by Mark's Banshee, and Brother Richard Kittrick's JagerMech, the Brotherhood's representative, seen a Koshi Omnimech red painted, with a Whiote Khopesh insignia, but it retreated before they can attack it.[6] In a narrow gap between rocks, the Black Scarab's attacked the convoy, but Mark, instead of attacking them, turned against Malfont's 'Mech, forcing her to order the attackers to cease fire under the threat of kill her. She complied, and then Mark revealed than the Scarabs and Raiders are the same group, and they intend to kill Mark, Kittrick and steal their 'Mechs and money. But then, a full company of White Khopesh 'Mechs appeared and destroyed a Raider's 'Mech.[7] Then Mark revealed than he was the leader and founder of the White Khopesh, a pirate group created by him to destroy the clans. He searched pirated and mercenaries without any honor, and he recruited the Raiders to his group. Kittrick tried to oppose it, but under the threat of all weapons, he must retreat. It appears, however, than the humanitarian help of IRF was real. It is implied the White Khopesh leaved Randis soon, without cause havoc.[8]


Mark piloted a BNC-3M Banshee painted entirely black and with no insignia displayed. The 3M variant, armed with energy weapons, was optimized to operate far from supply bases.


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