Melinda Carlyle

Melinda Carlyle
Born ca. 2978[citation needed]
Died 3038
Affiliation Mercenary


Early Life and Career[edit]

Melinda Carlyle (born ca. 2978[citation needed] - died 3038) was best known as a MechWarrior with the mercenary unit Hansen's Roughriders. She has no known connection to the Carlyles of Gray Death Legion fame.

In 3007, prior to the inception of Hansen's Roughriders as a mercenary unit, she served House Marik as a mercenary defending Rochelle against a Lyran attack. When House Marik attempted to confiscate mercenary 'Mechs in the aftermath of the fighting, the mercenary unit McFinney's Manglers (the nucleus of what was to become Snord's Irregulars) rallied disgruntled mercenaries and fought their way off-world. Carlyle fought with the Manglers, although it is unknown if she was a member of that unit or just an associate of them during the uprising.[1]

Her BattleMech, "Toothpuller", was one of the few Panthers outside of the Draconis Combine. She kept it painted pale green with yellow stripes.[2]

Carlyle became known for her habit of hunting down enemy Panthers, allegedly to deliver a blow to the overblown ego of their pilots and to prove that even someone who was not a DCMS 'Mech pilot could ably pilot one. She would pursue enemy Panthers even if she had to leave her post to do so, but was remarkably successful.[2]


During a raid on Delacruz in 3038 the Roughriders encountered Sorenson's Sabres and Carlyle engaged the Panther of Seyla Theresa Martinez. Carlyle was killed in this fight and Martinez claimed "Toothpuller" as salvage to replace her own crippled 'Mech.[3]


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