Minoru Kurita University

Minoru Kurita University
Minoru Kurita University Dark Age Logo
Minoru Kurita University Dark Age Logo
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Infantry Prior to the start of the Succession Wars
BattleMech After Minoru Kurita became Minoru Nova Cat

The Minoru Kurita University (MKU) is a infantry training center created by Coordinator Minoru Kurita. Foreseeing the wars to come, Minoru created the MKU to ensure that the DCMS would have sufficient numbers of trained infantrymen. For this purpose, the "university" is focused on graduating the largest numbers of troopers in the shortest amount of time, a task for which it succeeds. Training at MKU lasts six months, after which graduates are grouped according to their prefecture and assigned to one of the planetary militias therein. For many, their true final exam begins here when they first go into battle; survivors are then transferred to fill the in the gaps in other units. Given its nature, MKU has relatively few surviving alumni.[1][2]

Minoru Kurita University has survived long after fulfilling its purpose. This was due in no small part to the great role that Minoru Kurita played in bringing together Clan Nova Cat and the Draconis Combine. In honor of bondsman Minoru Kurita, funding to the university was increased. This resulted in the addition of new programs, including one for MechWarriors.

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