Newton Ramilie

Newton Ramilie
Character Profile
Affiliation Ramilie's Raiders
Profession Colonel
Children Nicolas Ramilie[1]

Newton Ramilie was the commanding officer of Ramilie's Raiders.


Escaping Liao[edit]

By 3022, Colonel Newton Ramilie had inherited his father's unit, becoming the second officer to command the Raiders. The Raiders had broken with Capellan Confederation multiple times in the past, due to problems with Chancellor Maximilian Liao. Major Ramilie felt it was time to quit Liao space permanently; en route out of the Confederation, the Raiders stopped only once during their "escape", to raid a supply depot. Snatching Capellan Confederation Armed Forces supplies got the Raiders labeled as pirates and a bounty was set on their heads as they headed towards the Periphery. During their escape, the Raiders "acquired" a Liao-owned Invader-class JumpShip.[2][3]


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