Onuris RGilClan v30.jpg
Onuris Attack VTOL
Production information
Manufacturer Manufacturing Plant SFF-NG3
Production Year 3145[1]
Mission Striker
Technical specifications
Tech Base Clan[2]
Mass 30
Armor Gamma Special Reflective[2]
Engine Fusion 100 XL[2]
Speed 86 km/h
Crew 2
Communications System Khan-series (Type 2)[2]
Targeting Tracking System Mark 12 IHADS[2]
Heat Sinks 0[2]
BV (2.0) 1,551[2][1]


A Clan Sea Fox design introduced in 3145, the Onuris was developed in light of the success of combat vehicles throughout conflicts within the Sphere post Blackout[2]. Designed to be an Omni version of the common Anhur Transport the Onuris replaces the 14 tons of cargo space present on the transport with Omni pod space allowing it to fulfill combat roles that would ordinarily require multiple aerial combat assets. While retaining the initial speed profile of the Anhur the Onuris also mounts a jet booster for all variants allowing for greater hit-and-run capacity. For times when the VTOL is unable to outrun its opposition, the armor has been upgraded for greater overall coverage and exchanges the Ferro-Fibrous armor of the Anhur for the more advanced Gamma Special Reflective.


  • Prime
    The standard configuration for the Onuris designed for striking the enemy. This variant mounts a single Plasma Cannon in conjunction with 4 SRM-6 missile launchers. It carries two tons of ammunition for the Plasma Cannon and 3 tons of SRM ammunition. BV(2.0) = 1,551[2]
  • Configuration A
    Alternate Configuration A changes the role of the Onuris from a striker to a long range sniper. Configuration A replaces the Prime's armament with an ER PPC, 4 AP Gauss Rifles with a single ton of ammunition, and adds 5 heat sinks. BV(2.0) = 1,624 [2]
  • Configuration B
    Alternate Configuration B turns the Onuris into a missile platform, exchanging the Prime loadout for twin LRM-20s with 4 tons of ammunition. BV(2.0) = 1,744 [2]
  • Configuration C
    Retaining the striker mission set, this alternative configuration replaces the Plasma Cannon/SRM combination with a single LB 20-X AC and two tons of ammunition (one ton of slug and one ton of cluster[3]). BV(2.0) = 1,131 [2]
  • Configuration E
    This variant exchanges the Plasma Cannon/SRM combination for a Large Pulse Laser and an ATM 9. For ammunition Configuration E carries a single ton each of Standard, Extended Range, and High Explosive [4]. BV(2.0) = 1,676[2]

Design Quirks[edit]

  • VTOL Rotor Arrangement (Dual)


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