Patrick Scoffins

Patrick Scoffins
Patrick Scoffins
Character Profile
Born 3 February 2708[1]
Died 9 October 2781[1]
Affiliation Rim Worlds Republic
Profession Commanding General of the Amaris Empire Armed Forces


Patrick Gregory Scoffins was the Commanding General of the Amaris Empire Armed Forces.


Patrick was born into a family of farmers on the Rim Worlds Republic world of Austerlitz. On the farm, his mother and aunts were able to give him and the rest of the children a very minor education. He did not want to live the way that his family did so he studied hard whenever he had a free moment to be able to make it into the planet’s public university. In 2728, Patrick was finally able to pass the entrance exam and become a student at the Austerlitz Public University. The only problem that came up was for how he would be able to afford to go; his family was unable and unwilling to pay for his schooling, so he had no choice but to enlist in the Rim Worlds Army to help pay his tuition.[1]

Scoffins did not intend for the military to become his career. He wanted to escape his family's farm and to help those that grew up in his same situation have the ability to do something that he never got a chance to do. He was able to achieve his dream through the military. When his enlistment contract was about to end, Stefan Amaris was elected President of the republic and was pushing the nation towards the future which would require the military to be a major part. Due to this, the military offered to enroll Patrick into officer school, which he readily accepted. He quickly rose through the ranks, being able to train new generations of youths from the Rim Worlds who came from households just as disadvantaged as his own.[1]

When Patrick was promoted to the ranks of generalship, he was able to get incredible free access to the president which he used to throw out his ideas on how to make the Rim Worlds Army a true military power. Stefan and Patrick both believed that the Inner Sphere and the Cameron's Star League both had been victimizing the Rim Worlds Republic and all of the Periphery nations; and that they should be punished. Amaris personally promoted him to full general and introduced Patrick to Stefan's inner circle.[1]

Patrick took control of two projects when he became full general. He took the reins in creating and forming the Secret Army, which enlisted tens of thousands of disadvantaged civilians from across the Periphery. His second task was planning the military actions that went along with Amaris' Operation APOTHEOSIS, coordinating efforts between the Krypteia, the Hegemony Security Force, and Lissa Outerbridge's Office of Policy and Doctrine. Though he despised their dishonorable tactics, he tolerated their actions due to their importance in the coming operation.[1]

When everything was ready to launch, Stefan gave Patrick full command of all Rim Worlds Army forces that would participate in APOTHEOSIS; this post also gave command of all ragtag military forces that would eventually become the Amaris Empire Armed Forces. Scoffins was an honorable warrior who had no grudges against the citizenry of the Terran Hegemony, just the leadership. This honor was forced upon his soldiers who were under strict instructions on how to deal with prisoners of war and any Star League Defense Force holdouts on the planets.[1]

Though he was an honorable man who was regularly bypassed to carry out "Emperor" Amaris' brutal orders, he was tried and convicted during the Geneva War Trials and sentenced to hang with other Amaris Empire officials.[1]


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