Character Profile
Died October 3071[1]
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Star Captain[1]


Pennyroyal was a warrior in the Clan Jade Falcon touman in the late Thirty-first century. As part of Operation ICE STORM, the Clan Ice Hellion invasion of the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, saKhan Connor Rood led elements of the Ice Hellion Beta Galaxy to Lackhove to launch a Trial of Possession for the planet. Pennyroyal was the Star Captain in command of the garrison for Lackhove at the time, a garrison which consisted of an ancient Binary of aging MechWarriors.[1]

The result of the bidding between Connor and Pennyroyal was a Trial fought in an open area of the Batavia Plateau on the 5th of October 3071. Pennyroyal led his Binary, fighting in a Glass Spider, against an Ice Hellion Star commanded by Rood. Rood's forces defeated Pennyroyal's troops, despite the skill with which Pennyroyal led his command; the only Jade Falcon casualty was Pennyroyal himself. Amongst Rood's Star was Idris, a former Jade Falcon Star Colonel taken bondsman by Rood in an earlier battle. Pennyroyal didn't anticipate fighting against someone who fought using Jade Hellion tactics, rather than Ice Hellion tactics, and Idris' Marauder IIC was considerably heavier than the average Ice Hellion 'Mech.[1]

Rood was sorely in need of resources by this point in ICE STORM, and all of Pennyroyal's warriors were taken as bondsmen after the battle.[1]


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