Polar Star

Polar Star
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Sassanid


Crash on Trondheim[edit]

A Clan Ghost Bear DropShip going by the name of Polar Star carried a cargo including several live Ghost Bears in 3057, destined for the Tseng-Jorgensson Natural Preserve on Alshain, when its JumpShip Bear's Bargain suffered a drive malfunction in the Trondheim system and undocked the DropShips it carried. The Polar Star veered off-course and crashed on Trondheim, killing all aboard (though at least one ghost bear survived).[1]

Second Naval Battle of Alshain[edit]

This Polar Star may or may not be the same Sassanid-class DropShip of Clan Ghost Bear that took part in the Trial of Possession dubbed Trial of Retribution, also known as the Second Naval Battle of Alshain, on the defenders' side (against attacking forces from Clan Nova Cat) on 8 May 3067. In this action it was attached to the York-class WarShip Ursa Minor, together with the Dark Nebula.[2]

Later reports described the Ghost Bear defenders having underestimated the Nova Cat attackers, and losing their entire force. Although the Ghost Bears achieved a Pyrrhic victory, only a named few of their WarShips survived the battle, suggesting that the DropShips involved in the fight including the Polar Star were all destroyed.[3]


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