QR 243 (Satellite)

QR 243.jpg
QR 243 HPG Relay Satellite
Production information
Manufacturer The Clans
Use HPG Communication Relay
Spy Satellite
Communication Node
Type (Shape) Satellite (Medium)
Tech Base Clan (Advanced)
Introduced Late Succession Wars era[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 65 tons
Structural Integrity 1
Engine (Type) Fusion
Safe Thrust .01
Maximum Thrust .02
Fuel Unlimited
Burn Rate None
Armament None
Armor BAR 5
Heat Sinks 20
Crew None
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 33[2]


The QR 243 HPG Relay Satellite was developed by the Clans, and was designed to provide interstellar communication capacities from orbit. The Inner Sphere first saw use of these satellites when the Invading Clans deployed them during the Clan Invasion. They were the key to allowing a continuous flow of communication between the invading Clans and their people in the Clan Homeworlds and distant outposts in the Deep Periphery. The Clans deployed these satellites to maximize their surveillance of systems occupied by enemy forces as well as allowing normal communication between allied systems.

Though these satellites are common among HPG Relay Satellites types, they were uncommon among the Inner Sphere. This was due to advanced technology used to create the small Hyperpulse Generator. The QR 243 was exclusively being made and used by the Clans by the 31st Century. One such satellite was discovered in 3086, in the outer reaches of the Coventry system. This satellite "Coventry QR 243" origins are a mystery and it exploded as soon as salvage teams tried to handle the craft.[3]

In Clan Space, during the Wars of Reaving, the Society disrupted communication causing the HPG system there to go unused for fear of functional HPGs carrying viruses or being outright destroyed by the conflict.[4] Many of these satellites seeded along the Exodus Road in the Deep Periphery, were also knocked out.[5][6]

Equipment & Capabilities[edit]

The QR 243's main feature is its HPG Relay system, which uses a small 12 ton Ground Mobile HPG. Its advanced communication system allows for a maximum range of 50 light years. Typically QR 243s are deployed at various locations, maximizing its effective range and to aid in relaying signals from distant HPG Stations.

With this in mind, it was designed to be deployed in various locations — from solar systems to the deep voids of interstellar space. To allow the satellite to operate in those settings, a small Solar Sail is mounted in the rear to provide power if positioned in a solar system close enough to a sun. A 3.5 ton Fusion Reactor is fitted with a three-ton fuel capacity for deep space locations for a year.

Seven tons of communication equipment is provided, to allow the Relay to coordinate with spy and surveillance satellites tied into QR 243 which would relay ally forces out of system. The satellite has 1 ton of BAR-5 Rated alloy, which gives it the minimum amount of protection, keeping it safe from the most basic of space debris.

It has been equipped with a Fusion Engine to provide power so it can deploy in secluded locations with little notice. It has two front-mounted Searchlights to provide guidance should it be needed for a resupply vehicle. It also has 1 ton worth of Communication Equipment for basic communications purposes.

As a last resort to prevent the satellite falling into enemy hands, the satellite is fitted with a 6.5 ton Booby Trap.[7]

Related Vehicles[edit]


The QR 243's Equipment Rating is F/X-FF (Advanced) and burns .005 of fuel per day when using the Fusion Engine. Its record sheet is only found in Interstellar Players 3: Interstellar Expeditions.

The design's name and function were not fleshed out until IP3:IE was published, however the summary of QR 243 spells out that this was used extensively as one of the chief spaceborne HPG systems used by the Clans to communicate with forces in the Inner Sphere.


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