Rex Pearce

Rex Pearce
Affiliation Crescent Hawks
Profession MechWarrior
Children Jen Pearce (daughter)[1]


Rex Pearce was a MechWarrior and a member of the Crescent Hawks. He was also an old friend of Jeremiah Youngblood and a member of the Crescent Hawks unit.

He lives a sort of retirement in Pacifica when Kurita forces invade the world and quickly joins forces with Jason Youngblood. The Kurita raid appears to be aimed at a hidden Star League depot full of valuable spare parts which Jeremiah Youngblood had recently uncovered. To bypass the security systems and enter the depot, they will need both Rex's retina scan and a password which is recorded on a holodisc that Jeremiah left for Jason. Unfortunately, before the disc can be viewed it is damaged in a shootout with enemy forces.

Jason and Rex proceed to visit numerous towns, follow leads and fight enemy infantry and BattleMechs. They reactivate other Crescent Hawk agents and recruit several former members of the unit into their team, including bailing one member out of jail. The group finally seeks out Dr. Edward Tellhim, a queer and reclusive scientist who will only speak to them after they answer a number of scientific questions. After that Dr. Tellhim repairs the holodisc and points them to the entrance to the Star League depot.

Jason Youngblood enters alone the complex.[2]

After that, Rex is made second-in-command of the Crescent Hawks. He participates in the unit's decision to support the Kell Hounds in their vendetta against House Kurita. They arrive to Lyons in April 3029 in the middle of a Kurita attack and their Leopard-class DropShip is shot down by aerospace fighters. The subsequent crash landing in a lake kills the Hawks' DropShip forcing them to crash. Saved by Rick "Grease" Anderson, the pilot of a Jenner, they are able to retrieve their 'Mechs from the wrecked DropShip, which then sinks to the bottom of the lake.

Asked to held a nearby bridge across the lake to ensure that the invaders do not overrun the Kell Hound base they are able to repulse Kuritan attacks until they can finally withdraw to the Kell Hounds base. Upon arriving at the base, the Crescent Hawks learn from Kell Hounds Captain Kaitlin Shaw that the base defenses have been breached and infantry squads are entering the base. Sergeant Krall is sent to retrieve valuable Listen-Kill Missiles in a hovertruck to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. Jason Youngblood assumes command from the truck and Rex Pearce and Kurt Graham receive a pair of UrbanMechs to guard the hovertruck against infantry attacks while it collects the L-K ammo (first SRMs, then LRMs).

When the Kuritans are expelled from Lyons, the Crescent Hawk travel to Dieron to rescue Jeremiah Youngblood. Rex follows Jason there, where they successfully rescue Jeremiah.

Starting April 3039 Rex fight along the Crescent Hawks being used in the War of 3039 in many attempts by Hanse Davion to reclaim worlds that House Kurita invaded years before. Following the war, Rex Pearce retires from military service.[3]


Pearce primarily piloted a Commando COM-1D. [4]


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