SRM-1 (Battle Armor)

Production information
Type Missile
Tech Base IS/Clan
Year Availability 3050 (FC) / 2868 (CWF)
Technology Rating Clan = F

IS = E

Availability Ratings X/X/D
Technical specifications
Damage 2/Missile OR 6X/12S
Short Range 3
Medium Range 6
Long Range 9
Mass Clan = 35/20(OS)

IS = 60/50(OS) kg

Space Slots 1/2(OS)
Mass Per Reload 10kg
Cost (unloaded) 5,000[1]
BV (2.0) 15/3(OS)[2]
Ammo BV (2.0) 2[2]


The SRM-1 is a single-tube short-range missile launcher mounted on battle armor suits. SRMs were already one of the most powerful weapons available for conventional infantry, and so following the introduction of battle armor they quickly became a favorite weapon for the new suits. More bulky than the portable launchers carried by infantry, the reliable SRM-1 benefits from the advanced fire controls and stability provided by battle armor while remaining smaller per tube than vehicular launchers.[3]

The drawback to the small size is that the SRM-1 lacks the storage space and alternative loading mechanisms to use most specialty warheads, limiting it to firing Inferno, Torpedo or Multi-Purpose Missiles. Enhanced targeting gear like Artemis IV also cannot be connected to the launcher.[3]


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