A Clan compound word (SAFe CONduct), Safcon allows the attacker in a combat Trial to land unopposed.[1][2][3]


In many respects a modern Clan equivalent of the safe passage provisions of the Ares Conventions[4], safcon is requested by the attacking party as part of a batchall and is an agreement where the defending party guarantees to not fire on the attacker while en route to the site agreed for a Trial, a means of ensuring that only elements bid for the Trial are involved and to protect valuable DropShips and JumpShips from harm.[3][2] For smaller Trials safcon is almost always granted by default, but for larger conflicts, conflicts between bitter rivals or Trials for significant or extremely valuable items (for example an important factory or Bloodheritage) it may be refused with no loss of honor to the defender. Whether it is done intentionally or not, breaking safcon by either party once agreed to is seen as a highly dishonorable breach of Zellbrigen and as just cause to turn the conflict into a free-for-all.[citation needed]

Many Clan WarShips and JumpShips will broadcast a message declaring their neutral status when arriving at a system and not engaging in a Trial. This can be considered a type of safcon, but any opponent is not required to honor it.[1]


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