September Revolt

In September 28th 2549, when Ian Cameron declared himself Director-General of the Terran Hegemony without any trappings of limited election traditionally conducted. The next day, elements of the 51st Dragoon Regiment began a military coup of the Hegemony on Terra. They had seized the nerve centers of the control network and political institutions, principally in Geneva. They had hoped that by seizing the initiative created with the assassination of Joseph Cameron to take power for themselves.

Ian was located in Mexico City, where he was staying at his local private residence. Upon hearing of the revolt, he deployed a regiment of the Household Guard to Europe where they were ordered to surround the city. Ian then called on all soldiers of the military to swear oath of loyalty to the Hegemony and Cameron family.

In Geneva, Ian had tried to minimize damage inflicted on the ancient city, by having food, water, and utilities cut off while he allowed the rebels' demands to be heard. Within ten days of the start of the siege of Geneva, rebel troops began fighting among themselves. Ian's Loyalist forces moved into the city to rescue civilians who had been held hostage by the rebel troops. His loyalist force began to clash with the Rebels and began a full scale battles in streets. Ian ordered his forces to keep fighting to minimum in order to keep from endangering civilians and damaging the city. However, rebels took advantage of Ian's forces reluctance to engage them. Despite this, by end of the day, Ian's forces had surrounded the surviving rebels and they surrendered.[1]

A month after the recapture of Geneva, Ian dispatched military forces to capture the last of the soldier cabals located at the Dresser Military Base on Lipton. Ian carefully administered punishment towards the Rebel troops, with eye in preventing such event from happening again. His forces had captured 3,000 rebel troops, of those troops a thousand of them were sentenced to death. The remaining prisoners would receive life jail terms, however over course of next ten years they would be paroled.[2]

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