Talk:Essay: Emblematic 'Mechs

Purpose and contributions[edit]

In mechs descriptions, I like a lot that some of them were more affiliated to a faction. For me, it added character to the universe. I was sad there wasn't a page that references the mechs most used by faction. It's why I created this essay. Usually, an essay is the work of one person. Unfortunately, I have very little knowledge of the lore and less access to trustworthy sources. If I allowed myself to quote some books in this essay, it's because there are sources in another article in this wiki. The absence of sources in some of this article forced me to retire the Commando as emblematic Mech for Lyran and the Wolverine for Free Wolrd. So I would be happy if people with more knowledge than me complement this essay by adding details about another period or enriching the one about the Third Succession War. Dermenore (talk) 16:39, 21 January 2021 (EST)