December 2014 (BrokenMnemonic)/(Doneve
New project phases defined to reflect order of work
New article format agreed
Update and revamp of the Nearby Systems table
February 2013 (Doneve
Added Star System and Planet infoboxes
August 2011 (Doneve/(Revanche
Preparations for the forthcoming Planet Overhaul effort have begun, to include:
Faction categorization (Doneve/(Revanche)
Project mainpage updating & cleanup, including refreshing the membership (Revanche)
New template development (Mbear)
Discussion of new article template (all concerned)
2010 (Doneve
Y: Coordinate cleanup finished
December 8 2007 (Nicjansma
I re-generated all of the "nearby planets" images for the planets. Changes include:
Changing the X values of nearby planets to be their correct values -- previously, the nearby planet's X values were reversed, so it was like looking into a mirror.
Decreasing the font size and line-weight of nearby planets to make the image less crowded.
Coloring planet names for factions in specific colors to show friendly/hostile neighbors.
December 8 2007 (Nicjansma
Formalizing this page a bit more
November 2006 (Revanche
Initial mock-up done: Project:Planets is now open. Please sign up.