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2015-08-28: Been quiet here because work has been kicking my butt.

2019-02-21: Work has still been killing me, and I've been helping my family with a health issue.

2020-11-03: I'm back baby!

2021-07-01: 16,000 edits. Wow. Never thought I'd get this far.

You know, after doing this for several years and listening to the criticisms leveled at Sarna (some deserved, some not), I have a whole new appreciation for what the CGL writers go through.

Introduced to BT in junior high school. I don't play very often anymore, but I do still read all the sourcebooks and keep up with what's going on in the universe. Started August 19, 2009. July 28, 2011- Just found that several of my rank insignia images are being used as avatar images on the forums. Sweet!

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What I'm Working On[edit]

  • Add info to entries in Category:Sources needing updates (Trying to get this to zero). OK. I officially surrender. I was the only one working on this, and I just can't keep doing it. 2020-11-04: I'm going to narrow my focus to tech related items like 'Mechs, vehicles, weapons, equipment, etc. When I have those under control I'll start working on units.
  • Redlinks for units in TROs and sourcebooks.
  • Infoboxes
  • Update bibliography process to show:
    • that we use alphabetical order, excluding articles at the beginning (a, an, the)
    • that named links that hide the source book (if included in link) isn't appropriate. See Succession Wars source books for examples:
      • ''[[First Succession War (Source Book)|First Succession War]]''
      • ''[[Second Succession War (Sourcebook)| Second Succession War]]''

Grammar & Punctuation stuff I always forget[edit]

Integrate this info into the Sarna Style Guide[edit]

Numbers in BattleTech (From Herb's Facebook)[edit]

BattleTech writers: How many times do we need to cover this, really? Outside of unit TO&E listings, game rules, model numbers, and dates, we do NOT use the numerical form of numbers under 100. We also do not capitalize "century" or give centuries in the form of numbers. So, the following are examples of "WRONG!" in the BattleTech style guide I know I gave you all several times over:

  • "The 20th Century..."
  • "The late Twenty-fourth Century..."
  • "We see 50 stars in this region..."
  • "The 11th Mechanized Infantry is stationed on..."

The following is how you should have written the above before I clubbed your lazy, style-abusing ass to death:

  • "The twentieth century..."
  • "The late twenty-fourth century..."
  • "We see fifty stars in this region..."
  • "The Eleventh Mechanized Infantry is stationed on..."

Shortcuts, a.k.a. "The I Love Me Section"[edit]

Stuff I've contributed: Special:Contributions/Mbear

I wrote the Operation Guerrero page, and I'm proud of it.

Awards Board[edit]

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Updates Needed Lister Program[edit]

User:Mbear/UpdatesNeededProgram This is a Python program to create an HTML page with updates needed to use as a checklist. (It helps my motivation to have a physical list I can cross things off of.)

MWDA Dossier Project[edit]

See User:Mbear/MWDADossiers

Military Rank Insignia Project[edit]

Completed! Moved to User:Mbear/RankInsignia and Category:Military Ranks

Cheat Sheet for Adding References to articles[edit]

Enter text as normal. To get the superscripted reference number, put <ref>''Source Name'', p. NN, "Section Title"</ref>

For example: <ref name="OTP:HCp21">''Operational Turning Points: Hanseatic Crusade'', p. 21 "The Escorpión Imperio: Combatants"</ref>

Use of the NAME attribute allows use of the same reference later: <ref name="OTP:HCp21"/>

Now, for the page to know it needs to put together the reference list, need to add an H2 and special tag, like this:
<references />

For links to forum postings <ref name="ATW_new_bloodnames_CGS">''[ CGL Forums: Ask the Writers, "New bloodnames by Clan Goliath Scorpion"]</ref>


  1. Document code changes to main page, awards board, game rules section.
  2. Create alternate skins w/house colors.
  3. Create mobile friendly versions of themes.

Image search[edit]

Find or create a way to search images (and uploaded files) more effectively.

Under Construction category?[edit]

Is there a way to list all pages with the underconstruction tag on them?

Miniatures Rules[edit]

Classic BattleTech Miniature Rules

Test Pages[edit]

User:Mbear/MoratoriumAskTestPage User:Mbear/RevWeeklyImprove User:Mbear/CockpitConsole User:Mbear/welcome

User:Mbear/BurnrateInfo User:Mbear/BVWorksheet User:Mbear/BUC User:Mbear/ManufacturingTimelineTest

User:Mbear/MyImages User:Mbear/TableTest

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