The BattleTech Compendium

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The BattleTech Compendium
Product information
Type Rulebook
Development Sam Lewis
Jerry Stenson
Primary writing Bryan LiBrandi
Chuck Crane
Blaine Pardoe
Pages 152
Cover Artwork Steve Venters (Art)
Jim Nelson (Design)
Interior Artwork Dana Knutson (Art Director)
Bryan LiBrandi, Steve Venters (Photos)
Illustrations Earl Geier
Mike Nielsen
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1640
First published September 1990
ISBN-10 1555601286
ISBN-13 978-1555601287
MSRP $15.00
Era Clan Invasion era
Series Master rulebooks
Preceded by BattleTech Manual: The Rules of Warfare
Followed by BattleTech Compendium: The Rules of Warfare


Combining the gaming rules from BattleTech (board game), CityTech and AeroTech plus extra rules previously published in various other products into a single volume, The BattleTech Compendium provided rules clarifications and added a number of optional rules. In this fashion, it was the first BattleTech core rulebook.

It was superseded by the 1994 follow-up publication, BattleTech Compendium: The Rules of Warfare

From the back cover[edit]

A COMPILATION OF six years of detailed research, The BattleTech Compendium may well be the ultimate resource for the player. Clear and concise rules clarifications, battle demonstrations, and rules changes will help develop and streamline play. All the material from The BattleTech Manual is presented in a revised form, as well as additional rules for JumpShip and DropShip combat, 'Mech construction, and the latest discoveries concerning the technology of the Star League and the invading Clans. Optional rules are included for miniature play, environmental effects on the battlefield, and more. Loaded with color photos, this Compendium gives the clearest picture yet of combat in the 31st Century.


  • Introduction
  • Playing The Game
    • MechWarriors
    • Sequence of Play
  • Movement
    • Movement Costs
    • Movement Modes
    • Facing
    • Skidding
    • Dropping to the Ground
    • Standing up
    • Stacking
    • Road/Pavement Movement
    • Piloting Skill Rolls
    • Torso and Turret Twist
  • Combat
    • Weapons Fire
    • Physical Attacks
    • Heat Build-Up
  • Buildings
    • Building Types
    • Movement Effects
    • Combat Effects
  • Vehicles
    • Movement
    • Combat
  • Optional Rules
    • Anti-BattleMech Infantry
    • Artillery
    • Artillery Campaign Rules
    • Basements
    • BattleMech Lifting Capabilities
    • Cargo Carriers
    • Clearing Woods
    • Dumping Ammunition
    • Ejection
    • Fire
    • Flak
    • Flamers
    • Flipping Arms
    • Four-Legged BattleMechs
    • Gun Emplacements
    • Hidden Units
    • Hostile Environments
    • Improved Positions
    • Infernos
    • LRM Indirect Fire
    • Minefields
    • Night Combat
    • Prizes, Repairs, and Scavenging
    • Underwater Operations
  • Miniature Conversion
    • Preparing Miniatures
    • Preparing Terrain
    • Rules Adjustments
  • AeroTech
  • Components
    • Counters
    • Record Sheets
    • Mapsheets
    • Dice
  • Playing the Game
    • Pilots
    • Sequence of Play
  • Movement
    • Facing
    • Types of Movement
    • Structural Integrity (IS)
    • Stacking
    • Velocity
    • Gravity
    • Entering the Atmosphere
    • Movement at High Altitude
    • Movement at Low Altitude
  • Combat
    • Weapons Fire
    • DropShip Combat
    • Ground Targets
  • Heat
    • Heat Points
    • Heat Build-Up
  • AeroSpace Fighter Launch & BattleMech Drops
    • Fighter Launching
    • Fighter Refueling
    • Fighter Recovery
    • BattleMech Drops
  • Land-Air BattleMechs
    • Conversions
    • Capabilities
    • LAM Construction
  • Optional Rules
    • Abstract BattleMech Landing System
    • Fuel and Withdrawal From the Low Altitude Map
    • Tailing
    • Inferno Bombs
    • JumpShip Combat
  • Construction
    • BattleMech Construction
    • Clan Weapons and Equipment
    • Inner Sphere Weapons and Equipment
    • Advanced Equipment
    • Outfitting an OmniMech
    • Vehicle Construction
    • Installation Construction
    • AeroSpace & Conventional Fighter Construction
  • Costs
    • BattleMech Costs
    • Weapon and Equipment Price List
    • Vehicle Costs
    • Infantry Costs
    • Installation Costs
    • AeroSpace Fighter Costs
    • Conventional Aircraft Costs
  • Record Sheets