They call me Toad

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They call me Toad
Story information
Author Christoph Nick
Pages 4
Type Short story
Product Life Support (magazine)

They call me Toad is a 4-page short story by Christoph Nick that was published in two parts in the MechForce Germany magazine Life Support, issues 7 and 8.

Plot summary[edit]

Enrique is a Clan Elemental warrior undergoing his Trial of Position. To attain warrior status, he must win against another Elemental. Having surprised his opponent twice already and damaged his Battle Armor, Enrique sets another trap in a deserted industrial complex and ambushes him for a third time, causing severe damage and injury. Having effectively won, he hesitates briefly to ponder his next trial, which is enough time for his wounded but drug-crazed opponent (on strong painkillers and stimulants from the Battle Armor suit) to suddenly fight back. Enrique manages to outfight him and this time drives his suit's claw through the enemy visor. But the image of his opponent smiling at his imminent death is burnt into Enrique's mind forthwith.

(No time or place is mentioned for the story.)


Life Support, being a German-only magazine, does not meet the current criteria for canon despite being an official BattleTech product produced under a valid license otherwise. It can arguably be regarded as apocryphal. The same applies to this story, which was not published elsewhere.