Tome of Rigo

The sacred Tome of Rigo was an ancient artifact rumors situated in Dieudonné in 3011.

When the Lyran Commonwealth launched a notable attempt to capture Dieudonné in 3011, they dispatched a force from the Arcturan Guards along with the mercenary unit Snord's Irregulars, under the overall command of Colonel Arthur Flade, with Cranston Snord volunteering the Irregulars for the mission in hopes of recovering the Tome. Flade was openly disdainful of the Irregulars and went out of his way to make sure they drew the most dangerous assignments while under his command. During the attack they were dropped off-target, landing in the middle of the Jarvis Military Proving and Training Grounds, an area surrounded by a heavy minefield. Present at the Proving Grounds at the time were a veteran infantry regiment accompanied by a number of supporting 'Mechs. The Irregulars had to fight their way past several veteran units to link up with the Arcturan Guards in the legitimate dropzone several kilometers away. Colonel Flade had proclaimed Snord's Irregulars lost immediately after the drop and later accused them of having gone astray to go looting. This led to a falling-out between Flade and Cranston Snord who believed, but could not prove, that Flade had deliberately ordered the Irregulars be dropped off-target, and Snord refused to work with Flade in any future operations.[1]

The Tome was not found.[citation needed]


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